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Blue is often associated with depth and stability. It symbolizes trust, loyalty, wisdom, confidence, intelligence, faith, and truth - which is the heart of our values.

The circle is the most universal found in all cultures - a classic sign representing unity, wholeness, and infinity. It signifies us united in our dedication when providing our services.

Our Aspiration:

We aim to achieve growth within all the diverse cultures and beliefs in our country and success all around.

We are results driven and aim to ensure that all clients’ needs are identified, documented and that a well-planned-, cost effective strategy is developed to address those needs.


Occupational directed training

Explore our tailored courses, expert instructors, and industry-standard accreditations to unlock your full potential in the sphere of security.

From classroom to field: workplace application of your training.

Training provider accreditation

Navigating the path to accreditation. Seize the opportunity to evaluate your professional status with a clear understanding of the accreditation process. A step-by-step process.

Learning material Design & Development

We are passionate about learning and development. It is the heart of our business. By putting the learner before the delivery mechanism, we create effective learning solutions.

occupational directed qualifications

entry level security officer

Enter the security industry: Dive into the fundamentals of professional security operations with our qualification perfect for newcomers to the security industry.

SAQA ID 58577 National Certificate: General Security Practices, NQF Level 3, Credits 124

advanced level security supervisor/manager

Stay ahead and gear up with this advanced qualification that will sharpen your skills and prepare you for the evolving challenges in security.

SAQA ID 57713 Further Education and Training Certificate: Security Specialist Practices.

Specialisation: Dog handler

"Full leash ahead" this is the qualification for aspiring dog handlers. Dive into this specialized qualification needed for professionals who wish to work as dog handlers, highlighting the competencies needed during our instructor-led sessions. Uncover the crucial role dogs play within different security related disciplines and learn the unique skills necessary to become an exceptional dog handler.

SAQA ID 57938: Further Education and Training Certificate: Dog Handling, NQF Level 4, Credits 121.

specialised skills programmes

patrol dog handler

  • Care for a service dog, SAQA 243188, Level 3, Credits 15 and
  • Handle a trained service dog to deter crime, SAQA 243190, Level 3, Credits 8

protection dog handler

  • Patrol dog handler and
  • Supervise kennel practices, SAQA 243196, Level 4, Credits 15 and
  • Handle a patrol dog to assist in searching for and apprehension of a suspect, SAQA 120463, NQF Level 4, Credits 15

detection dog handler

  • Protection dog handler and
  • Handle a trained sniffer dog to assist in the detection of substances, SAQA 120461, NQF Level 4, Credits 15 and/or
  • Utilise a tracker dog to follow a human scent trail, SAQA 120456, NQF Level 4, Credits 10

close protection officer

  • Provide static protection for designated persons, SAQA 244317, NQF Level 5, Credits 15
  • Provide close protection to designated persons whilst in transit, SAQA 244319, NQF Level 5, Credits 15
  • Provide pedestrian escort to designated persons within a close protection environment, SAQA 244327, NQF Level 5, Credits 15
  • Provide protection to designated persons whilst embussing or debussing, SAQA 244334, NQF Level 5, Credits 15


"Beyond the Badge: Continuous Development Opportunities". Unlock your potential and dive into ongoing training which ensures security professionals stay ahead of the curve in a fast-evolving field.

Why is workshops critical for continuous security education?  What is the value of hands-on workshops?  Easy, it reinforces theoretical knowledge and equip professionals with practical skills needed in their current work sphere.

What is the impact of professional development in your environment? Continuous professional development leads to proficiency and confidence among personnel.

In this fast pace, continuous evolving world we live in today, ensure you stay updated with the latest skills needed to perform your activities keeping you safe today and safer tomorrow.  We address the unique challenges and advancements in security protocols as currently experienced.

The specialized workshops will assist security professionals to develop niche skills that differentiate them in the job market.

Our refresher courses enable security professionals to respond effectively to emerging risks and threats.  Bridging the gap - with workshops we provide a bridge between theoretical knowledge and practical application, critical in security training.

Speaking to our instructors, refresher courses in education and training practices will ensure they deliver the most current content and methods and enhancing training strategies.  We present transformation workshops which in turn create innovative training strategies across various industries.

Lastly, we believe in lifelong learning.  Through these workshops, we want to ensure our participants get exposed to and grow as much as possible from a continuous education model to promote a culture of safety and knowledge within their field of expertise and/or daily operations. 

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E-learning is a convenient and flexible way of gaining knowledge and skills through the use of technology. With the increasing accessibility of the internet, E-learning has become a popular method of education. It offers a wide range of subjects and courses, allowing individuals to learn at their own pace from the comfort of their own home. The convenience and flexibility of E-learning make it a great option for those with busy schedules or those who prefer a self-paced learning environment. Stay ahead of the curve and keep an eye out for the upcoming launch of our E-learning platform.

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